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Typical Business Valuation Process
  1. Initiate Engagement
    1. Determine project scope through initial interview with client
    2. Issue engagement letter specifying the terms of the assignment
    3. Request necessary information
  2. Initial Analysis and Research
    1. Build valuation model
    2. Analyze financial and other data
    3. Perform initial industry research and financial analysis
    4. Search transactional databases for guideline transactions
    5. Determine areas/issues for additional inquiry
  3. Company Tour and Management Interview
    1. Conduct tour of company facilities (optional depending on business)
    2. Interview management regarding historical financial results and future prospects
    3. Request additional information as needed
  4. Additional Research and Analysis
    1. Apply business valuation methodology
    2. Write report
    3. Reconcile initial value conclusion or range of values
  5. Issue Final Report